From installing new windows and doors to routine deck maintenance , Sudbury Handyman Services is here to handle your outdoor maintenance tasks. When you don't have time to tackle that constantly expanding "To Do" list, call us at 705-207-2615. Our professional handyman services can perform all your home outdoor maintenance tasks and help you get back on track.


Get it done right, the first time, by hiring the professionals at Sudbury Handyman Services. We do the hard work so that you don't have to. Common repairs include installing fences , putting in exterior doors , landscaping, siding repairs, masonry, gutter cleaning and repair, and deck maintenance.

Keep your deck in great shape for the nice weather months with deck cleaning  and maintenance services from Sudbury Handyman Services. We will inspect your deck to make sure it's in the best shape it can be and to prevent you from having to make costly repairs down the road.

We can also help you with storm  door installation, exterior  stucco repair, and even offer power washing services .

What ever you need done outdoors, Sudbury Handyman Services is the one to call. Find your local handyman at Sudbury Handyman Services today and call us to setup your outdoor maintenance service appointment!

Learn more about the home maintenance services  Sudbury Handyman Services can perform throughout your home.


Stucco has a number of advantages over other exterior finishes. It is available in different colors and textures and can be applied practically anywhere. Stucco is easy to clean, offers relatively low maintenance and is cost-efficient.

When stucco is installed and cared for properly, it can last a long time. Issues arise when stucco is installed incorrectly and when it is exposed to moisture, and that's when it's time to callSudbury Handyman Services

Our professional stucco repair  includes patching cracks, fixing stucco installation, and correcting sources of excessive moisture that lead to water damage

Whether it's fixing the roof flashing to prevent water from seeping into the exterior walls of your home or patching cracks, Sudbury Handyman Services takes the preventative measures to avoid long term damage in the future



Your local professional Sudbury Handyman Services is a capable stucco contractor, who will make sure that your job is completed - On time. Done right. That's our slogan, and we stick to it.

By hiring Sudbury Handyman Services for your exterior stucco repair needs, you can expect a professional job that helps the value of your home.Sudbury Handyman Servicesdoesn't cut corners. We make sure that your exterior stucco is fixed to your standards in order to help you save money in replacement costs down the line. With Sudbury Handyman Services, you're getting at true repair job - not just a quick fix.

We can help with other home maintenance projects too - just ask when you schedule. From power washing  to deck maintenance services,Sudbury Handyman Services is there for you. Let us help you clear off your "To Do" list, so that you can spend time where it matters most. Call Sudbury Handyman Services today!


Interior stucco is a popular decorating choice that adds texture and character to many homes. But if parts of your interior stucco finish are starting to show their age, it's time to call Sudbury Handyman Services and schedule a professional stucco repair  service visit.

Taking care of stucco problems as soon as they arise will prevent significant damage down the road and may even help your home's energy efficiency. Bring in a professional interior stucco repair specialist from Sudbury Handyman Services to ensure that your stucco repair is done right. We understand how to repair stucco, and a fully trained handyman will make sure your job is up to our - and your - high standards.

By hiring Sudbury Handyman Services and using our professional interior stucco repair services, you'll avoid costly mistakes. Our handyman will make sure your job lives up to our high standards. He'll work hard on your interior stucco repair so that you can spend time doing things that you truly enjoy.

Sudbury Handyman Services can help with a variety of other tasks on your "To Do" list as well. From drywall repair to door installation  and deck maintenance ,Sudbury Handyman Services is able to help you maximize your home's value. Simply call us today to request service and get started!


High winds and heavy rain can often do more than just cause twigs and leaves to clog your rain gutters. Down spouts break or leak which make it difficult for rain water, ice and snow to escape your roof, causing major water damage both outside an inside your home.

Rain gutter installation, repair, and cleaning services from Sudbury Handyman Services help keep these drainage systems working properly.

Next to a clog, leaks in joints or loose gutters are common issues that prevent rain and snow from properly draining. Our professional handyman team is equipped to handle every leak before serious damage makes rain gutter installation your only option.

Preventative measures, from gutter cleaning to installing foam filters, help, except when damaging winds and rain become too much for older drain systems. When sections of your rain gutter are damaged beyond repair, installing new gutters is important for keeping water draining away from your house.


Proper rain gutter installation, along with regular cleanings and repairs, will extend the life of your roof, soffits and fascia of your home. Sudbury Handyman Services helps prevent these more expensive major home repairs with our fully trained and professional handyman services.

Let Sudbury Handyman Services help with a variety of seasonal maintenance services that keep your minor home repairs from becoming expensive, time-consuming tasks. Contact Sudbury Handyman Services for more information about professional outdoor services that include rain gutter installation, repair, and cleaning.

 Top 10 Spring Ideas for Exterior Home Maintenance

Spring and cleaning just seem go together. While "Spring cleaning" generally comes with an interior focus, giving some special attention to the exterior of your home after a harsh winter is just as important in terms of home maintenance.

Below is a list of ten exterior home maintenance items to check come Spring:

  1. Windows: Are any of your windows cracked? Is there any air leakage around the casing or joints? Are the screens in good repair? Do any of them need to be replaced before the upcoming mosquito and fly season.
  2. Doors: How about the casing around your doors, too? Is there any air leakage? Is there a need to replace any glass or screen doors?
  3. Decks and Porches: Do you have any wood decking which may need to be replaced or refinished? Are there any cracks in any paved or cemented areas which should be taken care of before they get worse?
  4. Siding: Is there any chance that there is moisture building up behind your siding which could cause rotting or damage to your home? Take a peek yourself or hire an experienced handyman who knows how to check for you.
  5. Power Washing: Is there any dirt build up on your home's exterior? How about debris built up in the crevices of your porches or walk ways? Do you have brick or cement paths which have been covered with mold during the wet seasons? Power washing is a speedy way to clean up those outdoor surfaces.
  6. Painting: Do you have any painted exterior wood trim, decking or siding that is beginning to peel? These items may need to be stripped and resealed or painted. Temperatures are especially favorable for painting in the Spring.
  7. Water: Do you have any water seeping into your basement? Usually it's due to an exterior issue which may or may not be simple to resolve and it should be looked into immediately.
  8. Electrical Outlets: Are your outdoor power sources free and clear of debris? Do you have enough outlets? Just something to think about now so that when you need power for your next barbeque everything is working and ready to go.
  9. Storage: Are you using your garage, attic space and storage sheds efficiently? Can shelving be added to those areas to optimize your storage space? With the upcoming Spring cleaning the more accessible and organized your storage is the better off you will be.
  10. Gutters: Leaves from the Fall could be clogging up your rain gutters. If you can, get up on a ladder and clear them out. If you can't hire a handyman to clean those gutters out because if a gutter gets clogged and fills with water it could come tumbling off your roof.

Do you want to use the above list as a Spring check list of things to get taken care of but you lack the time or ability? Are you looking into other parts of your exterior that could use some special attention after a harsh winter but you lack the tools or skill necessary to bring things up to par? It's okay, hire Sudbury Handyman Services we have the time, ability, tools and necessary skill set to complete these projects makes perfect sense.    


Sudbury Handyman Services solves all your outdoor home repair needs in one phone call. From mending fences, making deck repairs, exterior door installation and much more, our professional handyman services provide quality home repairs and work you can rely on.

No job is too big or too small for Sudbury Handyman Services. Common seasonal maintenance work includes the following:.

• Fences: Let Sudbury Handyman Services  be your fence contractor . Our professionally trained handymen can install and repair a wide variety of fences.

• Doors: From exterior door installation to putting in a pet door, Sudbury Handyman Services is an experienced door installer . 

• Stucco: Sudbury Handyman Services can perform professional stucco repair  on the exterior of your home as well as fix any interior stucco finishes.

• Power Washing: Remove hard to remove dirt and stains with power washing services  by Sudbury HandymanServices.

• Deck Maintenance: Maximize your deck usage by hiring MSudbury Handyman Services to repair, clean, or finish your deck .

• Outdoor Home Maintenance: Don't see a service listed that you need done? Ask Sudbury Handyman Services! We perform a range of outdoor maintenance  services, including fixing siding, wood rot repair, exterior caulking, and repair after ice damage.

For Sudbury Handyman Services professional home repair contractors, it's important that every job is completed efficiently.  When we prioritize your outdoor home repairs, we'll complete tasks in an order that makes sense. That means our professional handyman won't be sitting around waiting for the paint to dry, we'll get that exterior door installed or tackle that deck maintenance project.  Each task on your home repairs "To Do" list is completed by professionals who believe in our slogan 

"The only good customer is a 100% satisfied customer ! "


Many minor deck repairs or other tasks become seasonal maintenance that improves the overall value of your home. Sudbury Handyman Services helps with a variety of seasonal maintenance tasks including: window repair, pressure washing, insulation and weather stripping, painting touch ups and rain gutter cleaning and installation .

By properly cleaning and sealing decks, making rain gutter repairs and having other seasonal maintenance performed, you're saving money by avoiding larger, costly repairs down the road. When expensive home repairs add up, we all know the work is harder to afford, takes more time, and affects your home's value.
Depend on Sudbury Handyman Services reliable, professional handyman services to help maintain your home's value. One call completes all outdoor home repairs and seasonal maintenance, including rain gutter installations and cleanings, deck maintenance and repairs, as well as exterior door installation and a variety of other odd jobs.


Sudbury Handyman Services can restore your deck into beautiful condition with our variety of deck maintenance and repair services. From deck repair to finishing to a good thorough professional deck cleaning, Sudbury Handyman Services is here to help.

Our professional Handymen are fully trained. All work is guaranteed, and each certified home technician has a minimum of 15 years of trade experience. Whether you need your deck looking great for your upcoming summer barbeque or you're putting your home up for sale,Sudbury Handyman Services can help make sure you're ready.


 Sudbury Handyman Services can solve common deck repair issues, caused by ice, rot, and other troublemakers. We can inspect your deck and recommend repairs. We can even inspect fire damage. Whether its fire damage, ice damage, wood rot, sagging boards or another problem, Sudbury Handyman Services can help you get ready for deck season.

We can also help with deck finishing . With staining and sealing services,  Sudbury Handyman Services helps you create the deck of your dreams. Host the family reunion this summer and show off your newly finished deck - nobody has to know that you had help from Sudbury Handyman Services to get it looking great! Call us  today to learn more about our deck finishing abilities.
A simple power wash can make a deck look like new because it removes debris and stains that may have accumulated over the years. Call Sudbury Handyman Services We can help you with our power washing  and professional deck cleaning  services.


Professionally maintained stucco can last years. Regular maintenance helps prevent significant damage to stucco and prevents costly repairs down the road. Stucco often has to be repaired when moisture seeps behind walls and causes the wall to crack and/or deteriorate. In addition to stucco repair,Sudbury Handyman Services can address hard water issues that may be a result of your plumbing system. Hard water can damage your plumbing system, which in turn, increases the likelihood of water leaks and further wall damage.

Professional stucco repair by Sudbury Handyman Services will ensure that your stucco repair job is thorough and On time. Done right

Sudbury Handyman Services offers a full guarantee on all the work we do. Not only do we not waste your time by showing up on time and starting work right away, we work until the job is right. Sudbury Handyman Services takes pride in our professional stucco repair services. Hiring us to handle a stucco repair inside  and outside  your home is cost efficient. Professional repair saves you money down the line, by catching problems before they become major obstacles. Our professionally fully trained, contractors are prepared to tackle the job.

Call Sudbury Handyman Services today to inquire about their professional stucco repair services.


Gutter cleaning often takes a backseat to more pressing home repairs. Unlike lawn cutting, this seasonal task is easily forgotten when patching drywall, installing countertops, or mowing the grass takes precedence. However, keeping rain gutters repaired and cleaned prevents many expensive, major home repairs from making your list.

SPrevent drywall repairs, fix roof leaks or repair water damage to soffits and fascia with expert gutter cleaning by udbury Handyman Services. As part of our seasonal outdoor maintenance service, gutter cleaning removes the leaves, nuts and twigs that prevent water from flowing away from your home. A regularly scheduled gutter cleaning by our professional, reliable handyman services extends the life of your roof and protects your home's values.

When extensive water damage occurs to your roof, fascia or soffits, rain gutter repair and cleaning might not be enough. Long-standing clogs could have caused portions of the gutter to become permanently damaged. When that happens, gutter installation can restore drainage.

In just one call, Sudbury Handyman Services can perform your rain gutter installation while also repairing any water damage inside or outside of your home. Stop any unnecessary, costly water damage with Sudbury Handyman Services professional rain gutter repair, installation and cleaning services. Schedule all your home repairs in just one call to Sudbury Handyman Services.

Seasonal Upkeep Services

Keep Your Home Healthy All Year Long With The Help of Sudbury Handyman Services

When you start thinking about home repairs, the first thing that comes to mind is usually "fix the things that are broken." like that loose step on the back porch, the garage door that's sticking at the top or the floorboard that creaks under the living room carpet. These are important repairs, of course and they're just right for the pros at Sudbury Handyman Services.

While these are weekend projects, there are other repairs that are just as important but don't get the attention they deserve and seasonal upkeep and maintenance is one of them. You don't treat your body the same way all year long. You bundle up in the winter and keep hydrated and cool in the summer. Your house needs the same kind of weatherproofing care. Let's look at some of the ways Sudbury Handyman Services can help you maintain your house through the different seasons of the year.


Spring is a season of new beginnings - flowers bloom, snow melts, and warm weather returns. All that winter snow and ice has to go somewhere. Spring maintenance involves making sure that your house is ready for extra water or even floods, depending on where you live. Check your basement to make sure that your foundation hasn't developed any cracks or fissures. If they're small, these can sometimes be repaired with an epoxy injection, but if you're concerned don't hesitate to call Sudbury Handyman Services to help because healthy foundations are important. Spring is also a good time to check your outdoor air conditioner. Make sure it's clean from branches and debris and have the coil recharged before summer heat sets in. Spring time is also a great time to check your roof for damage as winter's harsh snow and strong winds can damage shingles and the roof.


Once it heats up, summer isn't the best time for a lot of outdoor work. Use the early months to make sure all your spring maintenance tasks are done. If you're going to be outside a lot enjoying the summer weather, the early part of the season is the perfect time for your deck for possible repairs. Whether you just need Sudbury Handyman Services to touch up or fix some trim or whether the deck needs some professional attention like re-staining or rebuilding, be sure to get it ready in time for barbecue season.


Fall brings the cool weather back. Of course, you'll have lots of leaf-raking and tree-trimming to take care of, but there are also some important things you should do to prepare for winter. You'll want to clean leaves out your rain gutters throughout fall so that the gutters are prepared to deal with the rain and snow coming in winter. If you live anywhere where it's cold, you'll want to check your insulation. Make sure your insulation is in good condition in the attic, in your crawl spaces and around your pipes. If some parts of your home are losing heat too quickly you may need to check your external walls as well. Understandably, not everyone feels comfortable knocking out walls and re-insulating rooms so this might be the perfect job to move from the "honey-do" list to your "Sudbury Handyman Services" list.


In preparation for the winter cold, you'll want to make certain that all your pipes are well-insulated. Also, if you have a fireplace, this is a great time to re-stock on firewood and stack it conveniently within reach. Winter months are great for indoor work, so now is the time for electrical maintenance. Check outlets, especially the ground-fault-circuit-interrupters. If you've got bad wiring, switches, outlets, or appliances, winter is the time to work on those especially with all your Christmas lights putting a greater strain on your energy bill than normal. Don't let this project shock you too much though. Electricity is dangerous and hiring a qualified technician like Sudbury Handyman Services is a safe and wise decision.             

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