Sudbury Handyman Services helps install and build a variety of customized carpentry projects. From building bookcases to crown molding installation, our professional carpentry services do it all in one call.

In many cases, homeowners are stuck calling a different handyman for hire to finish each project they need completed. Rather than going through the hassle of coordinating all these independent handymen, we provide experienced, quality craftsman who can handle every project, and you can rest assured it will be completed on time and done right the first time. 

No time gets wasted with Sudbury Handyman Services . That means we'll install crown molding while the stain dries on the entertainment center we built just for you. And when we've finished putting in molding in the living room we'll start installing countertops in your kitchen. And those are just a few of the many larger carpentry services we provide.  Others include building and installing stairways, railings, sheds, gazebos, paneling and so much more.

We also do finish carpentry projects. From new custom cabinetry  that provides a personalized storage solution to bookcases  and handrails, we can help add valuable storage and display space to your home.

In addition to these carpentry services, other skills include furniture assembly  and building cabinets . We'll get your "To Do" list taken care of, so you don't have to.

Whether you're looking to install crown molding, or just need any other carpentry work, call Sudbury Handyman Services. Our quality, hand-crafted carpentry services will leave any room of your home looking beautiful while increasing the overall value of your house.  And we'll save you time looking for someone to keep those beautiful wood surfaces repaired and looking brand new.  Explore all the residential carpentry services that the professionals at Sudbury Handyman Services can offer you.


Cabinets can inject new life into your home design. Imagine replacing worn out cabinets with brand new cabinets. It's one of the best ways to completely revamp the look of a room.Sudbury Handyman Services has experience in repairing and installing cabinets in garages, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places in your home.

We can also build custom cabinet solutions to fit your needs. Whether it is to house an odd-shaped object or you need a set of shelves to match your existing decor, Sudbury Handyman Services delivers personalized solutions.

Call your local  Handyman from  Sudbury Handyman Services, and we can set up a time for a Sudbury Handyman Services employee to handle all your cabinet installation and repair needs.


Our residential carpentry services  save you time. Sudbury Handyman Services takes care of the installation and construction of your new kitchen cabinets, while you make time for things that matter. It's a new look for your home, without the time investment.

We can help with projects all over the house. From drywall repair  to door installation  and more, Sudbury Handyman Services is ready to tackle your "To Do" list. Call Sudbury Handyman Services at 705-207-3615 today!

 Install Crown Molding

At Sudbury Handyman Services  we know installing crown molding properly is important for adding both value and style to your home. No matter your home's architectural design—from ornate to traditional, or more modernized sleek moldings, Sudbury Handyman Services  crown molding installation services can help.

Classically styled homes are perhaps best known for finished carpentry work that highlights architectural style. Installing crown molding, chair rails, porticos and a variety of other details are common in many colonial style homes.  Our  professional handyman will ensure your crown molding installation reflects your home's personal style in a timeless manner from colonial to modern and more.

While it may seem like only these classical homes require crown molding installation, modern architectural designs can also benefit. Sudbury Handyman Services  can install a variety of finishing touches that help add value and charm to your home.

For these more modern, eclectic homes, Sudbury Handyman Services  installs crown moldings that accent your individual style. From specific casings that create character, to sleek crown molding installation, our professional handyman services have craftsman who handle every finished or rough carpentry project.

Installing molding is just one of Sudbury Handyman Services  specialties. Let us manage your entire "To Do" list of rough and finished carpentry, along with every other installation, repair and maintenance need, including painting and patching drywall.

Call your local handyman from Sudbury Handyman Services and learn how our guaranteed work means every detail is completed on time and is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


Whenever you purchase a new piece of furniture, assembly is often required. Our professional carpentry service  professionals can come directly to your home and handle your furniture assembly needs right away. We'll put together that new entertainment center, your children's play set, deck furniture, and more so that your family can enjoy it - and you won't even have to lift a finger.

Enjoy your time the way you want to while Sudbury Handyman Services handles the assembly. Call your local professional at Sudbury Handyman Services today to request furniture assembly service.


 Furniture assembly in your home isn't all that Sudbury Handyman Services  can accomplish. Whether you have a "To Do" list with a lot of small tasks or a list full of larger projects, one call to Sudbury Handyman Services  does it all. A professional, fully trained handyman will handle everything from drywall repair  to bathroom tile installation  and more! Simply call Sudbury Handyman Services   today and let them know what type of home maintenance services you need - we'll come to your home and handle it. Call 705-207-3615 today!





Add storage to any room in your home with a custom bookcase or shelving unit. Or maybe it's time to update the mantle above the fireplace. When you need more storage and display space, call Sudbury Handyman Services. Our professional residential carpentry services  include building custom bookcases, shelves, and installing mantles. A trained professional from Sudbury Handyman Services will take the time and care to get your job done right and finished on time. 


Adding bookcases, shelves, and mantles are popular items on homeowner's "To Do" lists. With Sudbury Handyman Services, we finish what we start. Don't worry about tools and equipment - call Sudbury Handyman Services, and we'll take care of it. No need to spend hours teaching yourself carpentry skills - Sudbury Handyman Services has the skills and expertise to handle your carpentry needs. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

With Sudbury Handyman Services you get the peace of mind of a job done well done. Let Sudbury Handyman Services take care of your "To Do," list while improving the style and value of your home. Meanwhile, you get to spend time doing what you want to do. Find Sudbury Handyman Services  today to request finish carpentry service.




Sudbury Handyman Services  carpentry services include building, fixing and installing countertops. Whether that means building an oak bar top or a custom butcher block countertop installation, our professional handyman services will complete all your custom carpentry projects with just one call.

Our home repair contractors are continually trained to ensure consistent craftsmanship no matter the project's size. By finishing all home repair projects at once, we shorten your "To Do" list and improve your home's overall value and beauty. Experts from Sudbury Handyman Services  complete larger projects, such as installing countertops, with much smaller projects like staining and painting these surfaces which increases the longevity of these surfaces.

Sudbury Handyman Services  helps add beauty when installing countertops through quality craftsmanship. We utilize of a variety of countertop materials for you to choose from along with variety of regular carpentry services. And best of all, each of your custom carpentry jobs can be professionally completed at the same time as all of your other major and minor home repairs to save you time and money.  All with just one call to Sudbury Handyman Services .

Hire your local handyman from Sudbury Handyman Services  and begin increasing the value and beauty of your home today.




Custom cabinets can make your house a home. Custom cabinetry and carpentry solutions like window boxes, or new handrails and additional stairs, can really add a personal touch to your living space. But how do you find the time to design, build, and maintain these additions? It's simple - you don't. You call Sudbury Handyman Services and let us handle that for you. Professional home carpentry services  from Sudbury Handyman Services  can help you add shelves, stairs, rails, and more to your home. Whatever you need, Sudbury Handyman Services  will help. Call us today to request professional handyman service.


Custom cabinetry can help you organize your home with ease. A custom shelving solution in your garage,  attic or your living room can change the way you live. Have Sudbury Handyman Services  help you start down the path towards total organization with our carpentry services.

Organization isn't the only use for custom carpentry though. We can also put together custom handrails and stairs that improve the safety of your home. For seniors, this can be a life-changing (even life-saving) project. We can improve the safety of a home with a custom carpentry project that is designed just for you. Call Sudbury Handyman Services  today to see how our residential carpentry services can help you!

Installing molding 

Installing molding adds a customized look to your home. Crown molding can accentuate ceilings, while installing new baseboards helps your entire home look fresh and clean.  From your floor, to your ceiling and all points in between, Sudbury Handyman Services  helps add value through finished and rough carpentry work.

Sudbury Handyman Services customers often see the value in fixing and repainting around doors rather than just installing molding to replace damaged wood.  Repairing drywall and wood surfaces is a Sudbury Handyman Services specialty, however sometimes your home's value is better served by installing molding to replace older, overly painted door frames.When you call Sudbury Handyman Services  we'll talk about your molding installation needs along with the rest of your "To Do" list. Our goal is to help you tackle everything on your list with consistent high quality work completed on time.  Installing crown molding in a living room might be the reason you've called Sudbury Handyman Services, but we'll save you the time of having to call someone else to paint it and make any necessary drywall repairs.Sudbury Handyman Services Crown molding installation is just one of many finished and rough carpentry services 

 offers. Make just one call for wood window frame repair, deck installation and maintenance, butcher block countertop installation and much more.

Contact Sudbury Handyman Services today to add value and beauty to your home.

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