Beautiful, well-maintained kitchens add a lot of value to your home. Our handyman services keep this important room looking its best through major and minor repairs.

 Whether it’s time to remodel your kitchen or just make a few tile repairs, Sudbury Handyman Services helps prioritize every task on your "To Do" list. Our dependable, professional handyman services manage every major and minor repair, so you don't have to.

For most homeowners finding time to make minor kitchen repairs is difficult.  Those tasks pile up and next thing you know you're considering a larger kitchen remodel. These remodels often include installing countertops and cabinets, repairing tile that somehow got chipped on the back splash and laying ceramic floor tile.  Rather than trying to figure out how all this work will get completed and which handyman for hire will finish each job, let Sudbury Handyman Services help prioritize and complete every installation and kitchen repair.

Sudbury Handyman Services professional home repair contractors prioritize every facet of your kitchen remodel. We can build customized butcher block countertops or install granite or any other type of countertop. Besides countertop installation, our professional handyman services specialize in installing cabinets, painting, fixing drywall, crown molding installation and a variety of other improvements that leave your home looking brand new.

Sudbury Handyman Services is Sudbury's most trusted handyman service with workmanship you can count on. We're your complete solution to every major and minor home repair and installation.



For many homeowners, installing countertops is the first priority during a kitchen remodel.Sudbury Handyman Services installs a large variety of kitchen countertop materials from wooden butcher block tops to granite and laminate.  Simply choose your favorite material and make just one call to the countertop installation experts—your handyman from Sudbury Handyman Services

Each of our home repair contractors offers a level of precision and quality you won't find with just any handyman for hire.  Whether we're performing a granite tile countertop installation or installing laminate countertops, our professional handyman services are your experts.

Professional countertop installation ensures a proper fit that increases your home's value. Whether we're installing laminate countertops or a granite tile countertop, expect precision, quality craftsmanship.  Sudbury Handyman Services makes precision cuts that ensure your sink fits snugly, and your countertop installation is done properly to truly add both beauty and value to your home.

And when we've finished installing countertops, we'll check other important home repairs off your "To Do" list, many of which may stand out next to your new countertop installation. Just a few include: repairing tile in your backsplash, adding new fixtures and replacing cabinet hardware.

Get Sudbury Handyman Services help installing countertops to save your valuable time. Don't forget to grab your entire kitchen remodel "To Do" list so our professional handyman services can schedule all your home repairs with just one call.


Repairing drywall is so common because no matter how careful you are, there will typically be some form of damage done. Some drywall repairs are minor, such as fixing tiny holes left from removing artwork, while other damage, such as structural problems, can cause much larger holes and cracks.

Fixing drywall that's damaged isn't a problem for Sudebury Handyman Services. Our professional handyman services complete all major and minor drywall repairs, leaving your kitchen walls completely restored. Repairing drywall damage of any kind is simple for Sudbury Handyman Services.

Making an efficient drywall repair for Sudbury Handyman Services means helping prioritize your entire "To Do" list, because we know one minor home repair usually leads to another. For example, fixing drywall has become a hassle thanks to a backdoor that keeps hitting your kitchen wall. This is no problem for Sudbury HandymanServices.  Not only can we repair the damaged drywall and door, but we can paint it and install door stops to prevent further damage.

Many of these minor home repairs become time-consuming because as a busy homeowner you have a lot of other responsibilities besides fixing drywall. Taking care of your children, meeting pressing work demands or social commitments can make it difficult for you to tackle your growing "To Do" list.

Let Sudbury Handyman Services help ease your mind by repairing drywall in the kitchen for you. Call your local Sudbury Handyman Services today.



Sudbury Handyman Services installs a variety of tile floors, but one major trend we're seeing is a preference for ceramic tile installation.  As Sudbury's trusted handyman service we make installing ceramic floor tile a simple, professional process that saves you the major home repair headache.

Including ceramic tile installation as part of a kitchen remodel has grown in popularity because this type of flooring is easy to clean, doesn't absorb odor and is fire, water and slip resistant. Many of our customers install ceramic tile because its low-maintenance properties and beauty increase their home's value.

Preparing the floor, precisely cutting tiles into an aesthetically pleasing layout, applying and cleaning grout are just a few of the many time-consuming steps involved with installing natural or ceramic floor tile.  Let Sudbury Handyman Services help ease the burden of laying ceramic floor tile. Our professional handyman services save you time by efficiently installing natural and ceramic tiles as well as many other flooring materials while completing the many other common tasks involved with updating the look of your home.

Installing ceramic tile can add value all by itself. Installing a ceramic tile back splash can also enhance the beauty of granite kitchen countertops, another popular addition to most modernized kitchens.

Besides replacing existing kitchen floor with ceramic tiles, our handyman team can also make grout and tile repairs and are experts in fixing drywallWhether your existing floors are ceramic or natural stone, Sudbury Handyman Services can repair or replace most tile flooring.

Depend on Sudbury Handyman Services more than 15 years of experience with ceramic tile installation and repair. Contact us today.



A dripping faucet can waste up to 212 gallons of water per month. Stop spending hard-earned money on excessive utility bills and call Sudbury Handyman Services for faucet repair services. Whether you need Sudbury Handyman Services for a half-day or a full day, you can count on Sudbury Handyman Services to provide professional, quality service.

After he fixes your leaky faucet, he can move on to other items on your "To Do" list. A leaky faucet may point to other plumbing issues that could result in significant water damage. Sudbury Handyman Services takes a proactive approach to home repairs. He won't just fix the problem; he will address the larger issue to help you avoid costly repairs down the road.


Sudbury Handyman Services helps you maintain your home's value. After we perform faucet repair services, we can take a look at your other kitchen and bathroom "To Do's". From cabinetry  to countertop installation or organization solutions , Sudbury Handyman Services can help you with our home maintenance services. Each of our professionally, fully trained home repair contractors are ready to help you with all your kitchen and bathroom maintenance needs, including professional faucet repair services.

Simply call Sudbury Handyman  Services today to request service. You can start knocking items off your "To Do" list right away with help from Sudbury HandymanServices!

"The only good customer is a 100% satisfied customer ! "

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